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LinkedIn Launches Inspiration Index, Reveals Most Inspired Professionals

LinkedIn Launches Inspiration Index, Reveals fruchtwein Inspired Professionals Last month (July 23), LinkedIn, the worlds largest professional network, launched its Inspiration Index designed to discover what the most inspired professionals do for a living. To date, mora than 100,000 professionals have contributed to the index by answering one simple question How often do you feel inspired by your work? The index measures responses on a scale of 0 (never inspired) to 100 (always inspired).The Inspiration Index was launched to measure where the most inspired professionals in the world are and what they do for a living, said Joe Roualdes, a senior manager of communications for LinkedIn Talent Solutions. This data can help recruiters show prospective candidates that certain industries can actually boost their spirits and make their work more inspiring.The index findings includeMost inspired industrie s for HR and Recruiting professionals (average score = 69)1. Hospitality 762. Pharmaceuticals 733. Education Management 724. Financial Services 725. Non-profit Organization Management 71Most inspired industries for sales business development professionals (average score = 67)1. Health, Wellness and Fitness 772. Airlines/Aviation 773. Computer and Network Security 764. Internet 735. Leisure, Travel and Tourism 73Most inspired industries for marketing professionals (average score = 67)1. Food Beverages 722. Financial Services 713. Internet 714. Information Technology and Services 705. Non-profit Organization Management 69Most inspired industries for finance accounting professionals (average score = 63)1. Real Estate 692. Management Consulting 673. Telecommunications 664. Information Technology and Services 665. Pharmaceuticals 65Anyone with any career, even non-LinkedIn members, can participate. Contribute to the Inspiration Index here.

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4 Times It Pays to Accept a Lower Salary

4 Times It Pays to Accept a Lower Salary4 Times It Pays to Accept a Lower Salary In the course of your career, youre apt to land in situations where youre choosing between two jobs, and two distinct salaries. Most people will naturally gravitate toward the higher income, because, well, money is important, and theres no such thing as having too much of it. But before you jump at that higher number, there are certain circumstances where accepting a lower salary actually makes more sense. Here are a few you might encounter.Workplace benefits are an important part of your overall compensation package, so if youre looking at a lower salary from a company whose perks are outstanding, thats reason enough to consider that offer. Furthermore, a superior benefits package can actually save you money, even when you end up taking a hit on salary in the process.Imagine youre choosing between two companies. The first is offering you a $65,000 salary and health insurance thatll cos t you $300 a month. The second is offering you $62,000, but health insurance thats completely subsidized and free to you. Suddenly, youre actually $600 ahead by taking the second offer. Therefore, before you accept an offer on the grund of it coming with a higher salary alone, take a look at the whole picture and recognize the financial value your employee benefits might offer.Company culture can play a huge role in your day-to-day satisfaction on the job, so if taking a hit on salary means being happier at the office, its probably a hit worth taking. Not being content with their company culture is actually the No. 1 reason younger workers quit their jobs today, so if youre offered the chance to work in an environment where employees are valued and respected, it pays to go for it.Career growth should be a major factor in any job-related decision you make. Therefore, if youre offered a slightly lower salary by a company thats expanding rapidly and tends to promote workers internally , accepting that deal might pay off in the long run.How do you know what growth potential your company has? Its simple Ask. Find out how many jobs the business has added over the past year, and how many it plans to add in upcoming years. These are questions youre allowed to ask during a job interview, and if you have reason to believe you have more long-term potential at a company thats paying less at present, dont hesitate to join it.Only 30% of employees today are satisfied with their work-life balance , so if youre offered a role whose demands seem reasonable, it pays to consider it. Though a growing number of companies today are becoming open to flexible work arrangements , such as telecommuting, theres a large chunk of businesses out there that are sticking to a more rigid model. And finding a position where youll get the former over the latter is reason enough to accept a little less money.Though money does, and should, play a substantial role in our lives, it certainly isn t everything. Before you rush to take that job with the highest salary, think about the perks that might come along with making a bit less money. You may come to find that taking a lower salary makes you happier with your work situation on the whole.This article was originally published on The Motley Fool . It is reprinted with permission.

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International Relations Major - What to Do With Your Degree

zwischenstaatlich Relations Major - What to Do With Your DegreeInternational Relations Major - What to Do With Your DegreeThe grenzberschreitend relations major involves studying world societies and the interactions between them. Students with a concentration in this subject area develop expertise in diplomacy and foreign policy. Many colleges and universities offer students an interdisciplinary approach which often includes coursework in history, politics, economics, world languages, and geography, or some combination of those disciplines. You can earn a bachelors, masters, or doctorate (Ph.D.) degree in grenzberschreitend relations. Mastersand Ph.D.programs are usually mora specialized than undergraduate ones. Like other liberal arts degrees, a degree in this discipline will not give you entry into a specific occupation. It will, instead, provide you with a broad knowledge base that you can use to excel in a variety of career fields. What Coursework Can You Look Forward To? The interdisciplinary approach many colleges and universities favor means those who are working toward a degree in international relations take a diversity of courses.Here are some of the general classes as well as those in each of the disciplines many colleges incorporate into their curriculum political science, geography, economics, and history. Some programs also include classes in anthropology, international law,and religious studies. There is often a world language requirement as well. Specifics vary by school. It is important to investigate several colleges and universities to find the one that takes an approach to international relations that will allow you to reach your career goals. International Relations Students who major in this subject will take courses specific to this area of study as well as classes in other disciplines. Here are some international relations course titles at various schools International Relations Theory and PracticeHistory of International RelationsGl obalization and World OrderNon-Violent Conflict and ResolutionPeacemaking and NegotiationGlobalization and International DevelopmentChallenges and Dilemmas in American Foreign PolicySchools of Thought in International RelationsGlobal SecurityDiplomacy and Statecraft Political Science Political science deals with domestic and international governance. It is essential for experts in international relations to understand the governmental structures of different countries. Your coursework will analyze government systems and political ideologies and behavior inside and outside the United States. These are some of the classes you may take Politics in the United StatesInternational Politics Methods of AnalysisPolitics of Third World NationsComparative PoliticsThe Politics and Psychology of Persuasion and PrejudiceMoney and Power in the International Political EconomyMiddle Eastern Political SystemsHuman Rights in World PoliticsElectoral SystemsFailed States Geography The study of geography covers the physical features of the earth and the effects menschenwrdig beings have on it. International relations experts need a good understanding of this subject matter. For example, you must be aware of the locations of nations around the world and their proximity to one another. Some college and universities require international relations majors to take the following classes World Regional GeographyCultural GeographyPolitical GeographyDisasters Preparedness and Hazards Mitigation Economics The study ofeconomicsis concerned with the allocation of tangible and intangible resources. An understanding of how this happens will go a long way toward having the ability to make sense of global interactions. Introductory Economics MicroInternational TradeInternational Economic InstitutionsEconomics of Less Developed RegionsEconomic Development in Latin AmericaSocial Entrepreneurship and Economic DevelopmentInternational EconomicsChina Economic Development and ReformEconomies in Transiti onHistory of Economic Thought History Without knowledge about the past, it is impossible to move forward. Many colleges offer these and similar classes to students in International relations programs Historical Intro to Latin AmericaHistory of Modern MexicoEurope in the 20th CenturyEuropean Women Since the Middle AgesHistory of TerrorismHistory of GermanyHistory of the Modern BalkansModern AfricaHistory of the CaribbeanTraditional India Masters and doctoral degree candidates take more advanced and narrowly focused coursework than undergraduate students. To prepare for writing a dissertation, they typically have to take classes in quantitative and qualitative data analysis and research design. Where Do International Relations Majors Work? International relations majors, in addition to graduating with an in-depth knowledge of world affairs, politics, economics, culture, geography, history, and language, also leave school with several valuablesoft skills. They include listening, sp eaking, critical thinking, problem solving, and writing skills. This strong foundation will qualify you to work both in the corporate and non-profit sectors. International relations majors go on to have careers in government, law, politics, business, education, media, and international affairs. Possible Job Titles Here are several job titles for which you may qualify afteryou graduate ArchivistCIA AgentDemographerDiplomatEconomistForeign Affairs AnalystForeign Affairs SpecialistForeign Service OfficerImmigration SpecialistIntelligence SpecialistInternational LawyerInternational Marketing SpecialistJournalistLanguage SpecialistLobbyistMarket Research AnalystNews AnchorNon-Profit Program CoordinatorPoliticianPolitical AnalystResearch AnalystUnited Nations Worker How High School Students Can Prepare for This Major High school students who are thinking about studying international relations in college, should take classes in U.S. history, world history, government and politics, and geography. It is also essential to learn at least one world language. What Else You Need to Know Other names for this major areinternational studies and international affairs.Admission requirements for masters degree programs vary. Candidates need a bachelors degree, but it can be in any subject. Applicants must have completed some coursework in economics.Doctoral programs, which are research-oriented, usually only admit candidates who have already earned a masters degree in international relations.To become a more marketable job candidate after you graduate,consider studying abroad and becoming fluent in at least one language other than your native one. Internships are also invaluable. To earn a doctorate, expect to spend at least five years studying full time. You will also have to prepare a dissertation, a written document that summarizes your research. It could take a few years to complete. Employment Information American Foreign Service Association This site provide s resources to help you learn about careers in the Foreign Service.The Peace Corps Get the facts on becoming a Peace Corps volunteer and apply online.U.S. State Department Career Opportunities Find out about career opportunities with the State Department. Explore more Careers By Field or Industry

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45 Questions You Should Ask Yourself

45 Questions You Should Ask Yourself45 Questions You Should Ask YourselfYou ask your spouse for help, and your mentor for advice but have you asked yourself the same questions? Here are 45 prompts to bring out the truth.In Part 2 of the series on elevating your visibility, I asked you to be radically honest. This trait is developed by being radically honest with others - and with yourself. In case you didnt receive my e-mail outlining these 45 questions, heres the list to help get you started being honest with 11. Are you spending time increasing your talent or increasing your character?2. Can you write this action in your calendar so youll know you have a place for it?3. Do you have the courage to take full responsibility for everything you think, feel and do, without blaming yourself?4. Do you realize youre the only person who values your time?5. Do you respond to interview questions with memorable or mundane answers?6. Do you see people straightforwardly, or through the distorte d images youve created?7. Have you identified and valued your true expertise and inventoried your negotiable personal assets?8. How are you maximizing the conditions that lead to success?9. How are you sharpening your rut-fighting skills?10. How are you strengthening your foundation of personal credibility?11. How are you using blogging to get hired faster?12. How can you arrange your day so you become unstoppable?13. How can you create a comprehensive laboratory for internalizing good fundamentals, releasing tension and cultivating energetic awareness?14. How can you use tiny pockets of time to improve your pace and results?15. How could you become more and more psychologically impregnable?16. How did you add value to yourself today?17. How do you avoid being perceived as one-dimensional?18. How do you leave your mark wherever you go?19. How does the market perceieve you to be more valuable?20. How is watching television landing you a job?21. How long will it take the market to rec ognize your trustworthiness and efficiency and then reward you with new geschftsleben?22. How many convenient tasks are you doing that delude you into thinking that youre actually accomplishing something?23. How many convenient tasks are you doing that delude you into thinking that youre actually accomplishing something?24. How many of your demands could be reduced if you put some energy into prioritizing, organizing and streamlining the routines that now fritter away your attention?25. How many people did you give your business cards to today?26. How many people do you plan to meet on your journey today who can improve your life?27. How much faster would you get hired if you woke up one hour earlier every day?28. How would your life be different if you were perceived as an expert in your field?29. How would you like your ideal calendar to look in five years?30. Is what youre doing right now consistent with your 1 goal?31. Is what youre doing right now leading to getting hired?32. I s what youre doing right now the best use of your time?33. What are the top three activities that fill your time to feel as though youve been productive?34. What are you (not) doing that makes no sense at all?35. What are you recognized as being the best at?36. What are you the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world of?37. What behaviors are preventing you from making progress towards becoming the best version of yourself?38. What consumes your time that isnt making you any money?39. What contains the energy needed to catapult you out of this rut?40. What did you do today that you should do less of tomorrow?41. What dumb, non-value added things are you doing each day?42. What is the one thing you could do now that will have the most impact on your success in the upcoming year?43. What makes the way you perceive the world unique?44. What three highly valuable activities did you accomplish today?45. Who do you have to become to land the job that you want?Take time to answer of e ach of these questions, however quickly - in your head or on paper. And then take action and watch your hire-ability skyrocket.

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5 Smart Employee Retention Tips

5 Smart Employee Retention Tips5 Smart Employee Retention TipsBusinesses and job seekers are assessing todays hot employment market and considering their next steps. If youre a manager, holding on to your best people should be a key concern.Will some of your top performers decide to dip their toe in the job market this year? Its hard for you to know, of course, but nows the time to build a defense against turnover. Its your job to re-convince your team members their current role is the right one for them. How do you do that? Here are five ideas for providing a work experience that makes your greatest people want to stay with you1. Start with your salariesNo, money isnt everything to workers today, but salary is mucksmuschenstill one of the most convincing factors when it comes to retaining your best people. Its crucial that the compensation you offer remains at least in line with that of other firms in your industry and region. But even that may not be enough. Do everything you can t o push your salaries just a little higher than what your competitors are offering.GET OUR SALARY GUIDE2. Recognize employeess personal livesIts getting mora and more critical to help your teams reconcile expectations at work with personal duties. By giving staff the flexibility to handle priorities at home, you can reduce the chance theyll jump ship if one of your competitors offers them a little more money.Flextime, a compressed workweek and job sharing have long been tools to accommodate employees work-life balance needs. Thanks to technology, working remotely has become the go-to solution for many workers and companies.But the success of any of these programs depends on how theyre managed. The lack of face-to-face contact and daily interaction with key staff - the downsides of remote working - require good communication between managers and participating employees. Encourage remote staff to attend office events in person whenever possible, especially get-togethers to celebrate team projects.3. Help them work happyIts often said that managers have two jobs their own and that of their team. A key part of any serious retention effort is carving out time to ensure your employees still feel they are in the right workplace environment - the one they were so excited to join when they were hired.Periodically step back to think about your teams workplace happiness. Have discussions to find out if staff think they are still being challenged in their role, what they enjoy most about the job and whether they still get that rewarding glow when theyre shown how much their contributions are appreciated.If you sense a degree of discontentment, give some serious thought to making job adjustments or moving people to new areas where they can thrive again.4. Promote growth through professional developmentWhen you encourage and facilitate your employees professional development, the glaubenszeugnis you send is that you care about it as much as they do. Thats a compelling rea son for them to stay with your company.Millennials, in particular, have a keen interest in personal and professional growth. They want stretch assignments as well as clear paths for career progression. Make sure your professional development efforts go beyond mere training, which is designed to help staff perform the tasks that are part of their jobs. Focus on development that truly helps employees build interpersonal and leadership skills that ready them for more advanced roles.5. Offer a mentoring programInvesting in employees through mentoring isnt just a nice idea - its a smart and cost-effective retention technique. Mentoring fosters loyalty and increases an employees potential. Mentees gain skills that enable them to contribute at a higher level while mentors build leadership skills. And dont forget Mentors are also employees you want to retain. The sense of gratification they get from helping others could prevent them from shifting their gaze to other organizations.Make no m istake A company lives and dies on the quality and commitment of its people. If you make sure your employees remain happy and engaged, you may just earn their loyalty. Paul McDonald Paul McDonald is senior executive director at Robert Half. He writes and speaks frequently on hiring, workplace and career management topics. Over the course of more than 30 years in the recruiting field, McDonald has advised thousands of company leaders and job seekers on how to hire and get hired.McDonald joined Robert Half in 1984 as a recruiter for financial and accounting professionals in Boston, following a public accounting career with Price Waterhouse. In the 1990s, he became president of the Western United States overseeing all of the companys operations in the region. McDonald become se nior executive director of Robert Half Management Resources in 2000, and assumed his current role in 2012. He earned a bachelors degree in business administration with a concentration in accounting from St. Bonaventure University in New York.

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10 Cover Letter Tips for Millennials

10 Cover Letter Tips for Millennials10 Cover Letter Tips for Millennials4Without a doubt, my least favorite sentence to read when I have applied for jobs in the past is Please include a cover letter in your resume submission. Even when I landsee my dream job and I dont meet all of the job requirements, I am mora optimistic and upbeat than when I think of the pain and anguish of having to write a cover letter This is where cover letter tips come in handy.While writing a cover letter ranks up there with dental work on the list of things that suck, it is an important part of the recruiting process for many jobs.notlage only is it a great way for you to show a hiring manager or recruiter that you are a great candidate, but it is also a way to stand out among the other applicants they are looking at.Cover letters are also a great tool for recruiters. How hard is it to upload your resume and click submit? Its ridiculously easy. By asking for a cover letter, not only can a recruiter learn m ore about who you are as a candidate, but he or she can also weed out the majority of people who dont really want the job enough to put forth any extra effort.Having been on the hiring side of the process, I have read countless cover letters- ones that are good, bad, and ugly. In my reviews, I have noticed how ansicht brief notes have helped or hurt the likelihood I would hire a candidate.That said, there are a number of things to keep in mind that will help you write an awesome cover letter to go with your rock-star resume.Check out these 10 great cover letter tips for millennialsKeep a consistent format.The header, fonts, and style of your cover letter should match your resume. If you have the opportunity to upload your cover letter in a file, copy the header format from your resume into your cover letter. It shows continuity and attention to detail. Plus, its easier for a recruiter to know that both documents fit together.Grab the readers attention.Say something provocative or co ntradictory, bring the reader right into a moment that describes who you really are, or do something to make the recruiter want to keep on reading. Start off with a catchy quote from a story you tell, such as I smell jail time Kevin OLeary (aka Mr. Wonderful) said to me while filming my episode for ABCs Shark Tank. This makes the recruiter want to read on to find out why Kevin said this and how it relates to me (in my case, I would reference how I was able to handle myself professionally under pressurethat is a true story, by the way). Then you have the recruiter hooked.Highlight your resume.Think of your cover letter as a more in-depth follow-up on relevant aspects of your resume. A description of a specifically relevant work experience or accomplishment often gets lost in all the other elements of your resume. If you have done something that you think sets you apart from other candidates, share more about it here. Go in depth and share more than your resume allows you to.Tell a st ory.Along those same lines, it is best to highlight your experiences by telling a story. We all have heard the old saying, Show, dont tell. Well, this is particularly true with your cover letter. If you say, I am great with clients and always hit my quota that wont resonate with a recruiter like ending a story by saying, and that is why I always received 100 percent positive feedback in client surveys and was first in my region in ausverkauf each month.Do your homework.Read the job description in detail to learn what they are looking for, so you can tailor your cover letter to show how you have these skills and experiences. Talk to someone who works at the company or in the group you want to work for. They can tell you more about what the job and hiring manager are like (so you can decide whether you really want to work there) and so you can write the cover letter highlighting how you would fit well with the organizations culture. Dont just spew out facts to sound smart show you did your homework in more nuanced ways.Customize.Just like you want to customize your resume to fit the type of job or company, you should do this to an even greater extent with your cover letter. By doing your homework, you will have plenty of ammo to use in making your cover letter fit for the specific company and job you are interested in. Not every job wants the same traits or experiences. You should highlight the best traits and experiences for that specific job.Cautiously name drop.If you know someone at the company and talked to them about the job, or have some specific connection to the company, then mention it. Your cover letter is a way to supplement your resume with more info in a different format. If the recruiter has a conversation with someone who really knows you and can vouch for you, it will help your chances a great deal. Or, it could kill your chances at getting the job if they dont have something good to say about you, so make sure you have an advocate before mentio ning them.Use bullet points.Recruiters are extremely busy and are likely reviewing your cover letter along with many others. If you can, highlight main points in a bullet point format- it is better than hiding them in the middle of a long paragraphs.Dont be ordinary.I believe that I have the skills, abilities, and passion to be a great access to your organization. This type of statement may be true, but a majority of every other candidate will say the exact type of thing. Say it a different way by using a story as talked about above. Dont make the letter too long either. Keeping the letter to one page in length is important, but that doesnt mean you have to take up the entire page. Make the letter as short as humanly possible while totenstill getting the points across you feel are necessary.Another good way to stick out is by signing your letter (sending a PDF is always better than sending a .doc file, since PDFs are cleaner). If you cant print, scan, or sign each one, then get a co py of your signature as an image file and paste it into your letter- it will make your letter stand out. Note make sure to only do this if you send a PDF file of your cover letter- if you do this in a .doc format it will look weird to the recruiter.Brand yourself.To really stand out as an ideal candidate, you need to make sure a recruiter reading your cover letter walks away remembering who you are. I often would mention the male pageant I won in college (my official title is Mr. Business), tying it into the story I tell or main points I get across. After reading my cover letter the recruiter remembers me as Mr. Business or that guy who won a male pageant, which helps me stand out and grab their attention. Be careful though, make sure you are being remembered for the right thing touting victory in a male pageant may not be the best way to brand yourself for many jobs.Use the tools I listed to make your resume and cover letter submission stand out in the stack and best of luck in fin ding your dream jobReaders, which cover letter tips do you use to make the best impression? Share with us belowAaron McDaniel is a corporate manager, entrepreneur, author, and speaker with a passion for helping millennials build the foundation for successful careers. Aaron was one of the youngest ever to serve as regional vice president at ATT, a Fortune Global 100 company, and taught a highly rated course on leadership as a student at UC Berkeleys Haas School of Business. Aaron is the author of The Young Professionals Guide to the Working World (an international top 10 listed book printed in multiple languages) and The Young Professionals Guide to Managing and has been written about in Forbes, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, US nachrichten World Report, and Kiplinger. He has also been heard on NPR CBS Radio, seen on ABC, and has spoken to groups of young professionals at top companies and organizations like Wells Fargo, The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Academy, Deloitte Consulting, UnitedHeal th Group, and the United Way. You can follow him on Twitter and read his blog.Check Out the Top 100 Companies with Remote Jobs

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Key Pieces of Power Verbs for Resume

Key Pieces of Power Verbs for Resume There are other methods to begin your resume, depending upon your degree of experience you are able to take a look at our flow chart here. The keywords will catch their eye in order that they know where to search for the information that they want and your probability of selection is dramatically improved Sooner or later, you will end up with a fairly complete collection of keywords that are relevant to the job and your suitability for it. Use the search box to find precisely what you are searching for.A hiring manager trying to find a teller doesnt will need to understand your skills of engineering applications. After that, go past the work listing to look for related terms the employer might have inadvertently left out. You may have to describe an vorstellung in your present job, like a project, that has been completed. Attempt to bring the duties that the specific job is trying to find. As an overall guideline, its not a poor concept t o maintain a grammar reference (such as The Hodges Harbrace Handbook) on hand when drafting proposals. In fact, there are thousands of verbs to pick from, so feel free to talk about your favorites. Take a look at the above list and be prepared to make the resume more exciting. The resume wording needs to be employer-oriented so he knows what you could do for him. Resume keywords can be hugely important and are an important part of expert quality resume wording. The keywords in your resume can help you get selected for a work interview. Power verbs may also make your writing more interesting and help keep you from using the very same words too many times. Make certain you are comfortable with the word before using it. Make certain you write for people, but be certain to use the fruchtwein suitable blend of nouns. There is an enormous scope of verbs that may be used. Be certain to be thoughtful once you use action verbs. Its fine to leave in a couple of the previous verbs. Po wer verbs for resume reflect the basis of the applicant. Another set of action verbs is particularly useful whenever you are describing a Describe your existing job in the current tense. They give us power power to write documents that are well-positioned and that communicate a vast amount of information with just the use of a simple verb or two. If you dont are in possession of a very good reason to enlarge your variety, the below success verbs can cover most bullets it is possible to consider. Utilizing the correct power verbs is essential to boost your professional worth in the view of the employer. You pay for a fantastic result only. Nothing dilutes the effect of action verbs than being surrounded by a number of other action verbs Employing action verbs and active voice makes a big difference in your resume, therefore its well worth the excess work. A couple of lines are sufficient. Therefore its important to indicate a number of tasks you have accomplished. Deciding up on the right verb is vital in creating a resume that will stick out among the other applicants. Incorporating trendy jargon isnt exclusively with the intention of cosmetics, however additionally, it showcases advanced written communication skills crucial to the success at just about any role or title. Speaking a number of languages fluently is going to be a huge assistance to secure you a consulting interview.